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We have retired from Mortgage Consulting...

However, we offer this free advice:

AVOID at all costs the following lenders:

Bank of America-Incompetent! You will be wasting months and never get a good rate or approval.

Wells Fargo-Criminals and incompetent. Cannot be trusted in any way.

Cash Call-Legit but steers you into cash out loans.

Quicken-High rates, little flexibility, little competence with difficult loans and the "Rocket Mortgage" is a pathetic marketing joke! They do not have real Loan Officers but rather shift you along in an assembly line fashion.

General Tips:

  • Always shop locally for mortgage brokers first.
  • Compare rates online before shopping
  • Never let a lender tell you not to make your monthly payment unless they promise to pick up any late fee.
  • Watch for "junk fees" like processing, underwriting, review and administrative fees. These are fees that are part of doing business and added to pad profits.
  • If using a mobile Notary for your closing, make sure they are a very experienced "closer" and not a common notary with no title or mortgage background.
  • Never pay to extend a rate lock when the lender is the one who did not get the process done in time.



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